We have a short window of opportunity – maximum until the 21st of May  – to shake up politics in Australia – a chance we may never have again.

What wouldn’t you give to make this opportunity a reality?

From now until the election, we are running daily volunteer activities specifically designed to shift votes. Each activity is about 90 mins to 2 hrs. We’d love it if you can commit to at least two shifts a week.

Click an activity below to see what shifts are available and sign up. Or check out our volunteer activity calendar here. 

Note: you must be a registered volunteer to participate in any of the activities, you can become a volunteer clicking on this link.

Door Knocking

Door knocking is our number 1 priority.

Research shows it is the most effective way to reach and persuade undecided voters.

Street Meets

Survey and chat with passers by in busy shopping strips.

We have street meets every Saturday morning

Sign up Here


Hand out fliers at train stations during peak periods.

Sign up Here

Sign up for week starting 2nd May here

Sign up for week starting 9th May here

Sign up for week starting 16th May here

Polling Booth

Hand our How To Vote Cards at pre-polling and polling booths.

Watch the counting of votes on election night to ensure they are counted correctly.

Sign up Here

Sign up for Pre-Poll in Brighton, Cheltenham and Hampton here
Sign up for Pre-Poll in Malvern, Oakleigh and CBD here
Sign up for Polling day here


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