Small and Medium Businesses are a keystone of our local economy


The prosperity of the Goldstein community is supported immensely – directly and indirectly – by the presence and contribution of small and medium businesses – well over 10,000 in the Bayside area alone.

Meanwhile, the City of Glen Eira is home to nearly 5,500 small businesses, many of which are in the electorate of Goldstein. Goldstein is a thriving economic community of influential small business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals across trades, professional and creative services, science and R&D, manufacturing, digital and technology, health, education, hospitality, media, sport, the arts, real estate, and retail.

If elected:

  • I will support the Budgetary pledges put forward for small business by the current Government in its 22/23 Budget – in particular, the support programs for skills, apprenticeships and training for the benefit of many SMEs (small to medium enterprises) and the $120 tax deductions for SMEs spending $100 on eligible investments.
  • I will support resourcing for local SME communities so they have autonomy in determining their own needs, rather than have solutions imposed on them.
  • I will advocate for red tape to be cut – the stress, distraction and cost of regulatory compliance has become unsustainable.
  • I will work for superannuation, award and other workplace obligations for SMEs to be made much clearer and simpler.
  • I will advocate for the simplification and centralisation of small business access to compliance requirements. There are small business portals in existence but they are often difficult to navigate and understand.
  • I will actively promote programmes to provide accessible mental health support for small business owners.
  • I will advocate for programmes that streamline and incentivise innovation – the translation of research to actionable programmes that help small business.
  • I will advocate for the streamlining of tax responsibilities for small businesses, with a special focus on making dealings with the ATO more user-friendly.
  • I will promote post-Covid access to support services for those with tax debt.
  • If elected, I will be setting up a reference group comprising small businesses in Goldstein that will convene regularly.