Policy Pillars


Together with the people of Goldstein, I want substantive policy action on climate change, transparent and forward-thinking economic management and a genuine commitment to integrity, equality and respect.

These values are the pillars of my campaign policies.

  • Integrity
  • Prosperity
  • Climate
  • Equality

Integrity Policy


Australia has plummeted in world rankings for integrity.

In 2021 our score was drastically reduced to 73 out of 100. This corruption has a material impact on our prosperity, with Australia losing an estimated 60,000 jobs as a result.

Integrity is the foundation of good Government: it is central to the proper functioning of every aspect of our society. We need strong systems to ensure integrity. That is why I am calling for a National Integrity Commission.



Smart, evidence-based economic management to deliver prosperity is central to my campaign as I work for improvement and change on the themes of climate action, integrity and equality. I will always be looking for economic policies to be sensible, measured and fair.

For the record (as these issues have been politically weaponised previously) in this election I am not advocating for:

  • changes to negative gearing
  • changes to franking credits
  • changes to taxation of trusts



There is scientific consensus that our climate is changing. A growing global movement is calling for urgent, meaningful climate action, realising that not only is this imperative for humanity, but that the renewables revolution promises enormous economic opportunities.

Indeed, Australia regularly bears the brunt of climate-induced catastrophic events. Extreme fire and flood events are happening with ever greater frequency. As a journalist, I have been on the ground during and after these ever more frequent and severe fires, floods and superstorms. I have seen the impact of these disasters on communities. I know that we can no longer wait.



Gender equality is pivotal to Australia’s progress: socially, morally and economically. We must, as a matter of urgency, materially address this issue.

The place of women and girls in our society is a critical policy issue for government.

Gender inequality was entrenched pre-pandemic, but COVID has exposed the depth and gravity of women’s exclusion and inequality in economic terms. There’s an urgent need for structural change with a gendered lens.

Tinkering around the edges won’t fix anything.

During the pandemic we were asked to thank and cheer for our frontline workers, yet nothing has been done to solve the structural inequality and lack of respect for feminised work. Australia’s frontline care workers are disproportionately women.

Aged Care


There is consensus among experts and stakeholders that Australia’s aged care sector is in crisis.

While the pandemic has exacerbated and highlighted many aged care system failures, these failures predate COVID-19.

Beginning with the wholesale deregulation and privatisation of the sector by the Howard Government, and continued neglect by Governments on both sides, the catastrophic deterioration of aged care standards demands immediate, urgent reform.

Disability and the NDIS


Australians with disabilities must be supported – and offered access – to ensure their full participation in society. As with other areas mentioned in this document, reform should be led by people with lived-experience of disability, to ensure their autonomy and dignity is at the heart of any decisions made that may impact their lives.

II will be a strong advocate for people with disability. Their contribution to and participation in society cannot be considered in economic terms alone. I will not stand for any measures or cost cutting that reduces the ability of human beings to contribute to our national life.

Jewish Community


I firmly believe in the right of the Jewish people to a safe and secure homeland in the State of Israel. The Jewish people have suffered unimaginable persecution and the Jewish homeland is the practical realisation of that crucial phrase, ‘Never Again.’

My strong support for the Jewish homeland, and for the right of all Jewish people around the world to live in safety and security, is on the public record. Indeed, a statement articulating this commitment, features on the FAQ page of my website.

LGBTQIA+ Equality & Inclusion


Consistent with my strong belief in equality, I stand for the rights and interests of the LGBTQI+ people of Goldstein and Australia-wide. At times, there have been divisive and hurtful things said and discussed in Federal Parliament under the guise of policy debate, so I want to make clear my stance on this theme:

My general principles are as follows:

Local Issues


As the community-backed independent candidate for Goldstein, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and speaking with many residents who have shared their concerns with me. These concerns have ranged from large, structural issues that affect all of Australia, to hyper-local issues, that affect Goldstein residents specifically.

Many of these hyper-local issues concern amenity and access to services that are integral to quality of life.

Mental Health


According to key experts and stakeholders, Australia’s mental health system is in crisis. Too many Australians are unable to access mental health care when they need it.

The expert and stakeholder mental health advocacy group, Australians for Mental Health, has identified what it calls, ‘the missing middle’ – people who are ill enough to require care, but not ill enough to be hospitalised. People in need of care are often faced with long wait times when they seek to make an appointment with a mental health care professional. Those who are fortunate enough to be able to find an appointment are then often faced with staggering costs that are out of reach for many.

Recognition for First Nations Australians


First Nations Australians constitute the oldest continuous culture on earth.

As Indigenous X founder, Luke Pearson states, ‘Aboriginal cultures are acknowledged as the first makers of bread, the first astronomers, have the earliest evidence of religious beliefs and practices, were the creators of the oldest still standing man-made structure (the Brewarrina fish traps), and more other firsts that I could list here in under 1000 words.’

However, systemic racism is still a lived reality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who face an array of complex and multifaceted problems as a result.



In 2020 more than 82 million people were displaced due to international conflict.

Displacement of people across the world has reached record levels.

As a participant in international conflicts, Australia must take responsibility for, and play its part in, resettlement of refugees.

Refugees are people who have fled their country of origin and are unable or unwilling to return because of a well-founded fear of persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinions.



As disengagement grows in Australian politics, we see a disproportionate impact on Australia’s youth. Young people are overwhelmingly disregarded in current federal policy.

We see this in continued cuts to, and unjust readjustment of funding for, both secondary and higher education.

Moreover, a distinct lack of climate action reveals heightened disregard towards the generation which will be most impacted by climate change.

Young people’s autonomy is further hindered by the bureaucratic quagmire that is Centrelink, encouraging familial financial dependency. This is particularly problematic for those youth at risk of emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse.

Policy FAQs


Zoe Daniel is the community-backed independent candidate for Goldstein, determined to listen to the residents of Goldstein and be a true representative.

During the many interactions she’s had with voters, a number of frequently asked questions have emerged.

Here are Zoe’s answers to these questions.

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