Group Purpose

GenZoe, a group of young people who want to see action taken on issues we’re passionate about. We are sick of inaction and we’re using our voice to create change. Our aim is to give young people a voice in parliament and harness the power of young people to elect Zoe Daniel.

Group Objectives


Providing a fun space for young people through activities and events. 


Creating multi-platform engagement directed at young people, showing them how they can wield their personal power. 


Educating youth on the hows and whys of voting. 

What you want to achieve by voting for Zoe?

The Gen Zoe team think that voting for Zoe can help bring a generation change in policy positions of the federal government. Science based climate action, real action on gender inequality and celebrating integrity in politics seem basic and fundamental to our democracy, yet our government seems paralysed when tasked with taking real action on these issues. We think that voting for an independent candidate who truly believes in these issues is one of the most impactful ways of bringing about policy change. Voting for Zoe is voting for our future and the future of our community.

How can young people’s voices be heard and how CAN they make a change?

Joining the team at Gen Zoe! We’re currently working hard to raise the profile of Zoe Daniel in the community so that as many people as possible are encouraged to vote for her. Joining the team means that they would be contributing to events, conversations and noise that is uplifting the profile of Zoe, all the way up until election time.

    Your Action


    "As a young person I am largely concerned with the ongoing climate crisis and its effects over time, on my future and the futures of those who come after me. I have been invested in shaping the future in a sustainable way since I was young, and I believe it can be done in a way that is inclusive to all people. I find the political values of Zoe Daniel's campaign to be forward thinking and positive, which is why I support Zoe's fight for a better future."

    Moira Basil

    "I'm getting behind Zoe because I want someone who will take concrete action on climate change to preserve the planet for mine and future generations. I also greatly admire her grassroots campaign and policy development that listens to what the community actually wants. To me, Zoe represents a true politician and a step away from the complacency and corruption of the major parties."

    Sarah Greaves

    "I’m with Zoe because I support the creation of a more equal and bright future for generations to come. Young people deserve a representative who both prioritises the promotion of integrity within politics and works to confront the looming and critical threat of climate change. Young women, especially, deserve to have a representative who takes active - not tokenistic - steps to ensure that the future they step into is one where gender inequities are no longer a concern."

    Elli Murphy
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