To meet Zoe Daniel in person come to our Street Meets

Over the course of Zoe’s campaign we have conducted several public events including:

  1. Zoe’s announcement to stand, 27th November 2021
  2. First Town Hall QandA, 2nd December 2021
  3. Goldstein Small Business Summit
  4. Goldstein Aged Care Summit
  5. March4Justice event
  6. Black Rock Yacht Club QandA
  7. GenZoe QandA
  8. Zoe’s Campaign Launch, 10th April 2022
  9. Bentleigh Bowling Club QandA

Other public events Zoe has participated in include:

  1. International Women’s Day
  2. BCCAG Goldstein Candidate Forum on Climate & Environment, 28th April 2022
  3. ASRC Refugee Meeting
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