Pre-Poll Voting (Early Voting)

If you can’t get to a polling place on Election Day (Saturday 21 May) you can vote before election day at an early voting centre. You are eligible to vote early if you:

  • are outside the electorate where you are enrolled to vote
  • are more than 8km from a polling place
  • are travelling
  • are unable to leave your workplace to vote
  • are seriously ill, infirm or due to give birth shortly (or caring for someone who is)
  • are a patient in hospital and can’t vote at the hospital
  • have religious beliefs that prevent you from attending a polling place
  • are in prison serving a sentence of less than three years or otherwise detained
  • are a silent elector
  • have a reasonable fear for your safety.

Early voting closes on Friday 20 May.

You can find your nearest location in Goldstein to vote early here.

You can find more information on your voting options on the Australian Electoral Commission’s (AEC) website.

Voting on Election Day

The Election will be held from 8am to 6pm Saturday 21 May. Polling, or voting, centres are usually located at local schools, churches and community halls or public buildings.

You can find voting centres all across Victoria via the AEC website.

We also have a list of polling places within the Goldstein electorate available.

How to Vote for the House of Representatives

On the green ballot paper, you need to put a ‘1’ in the box beside the candidate who is your first choice, ‘2’ in the box beside your second choice and so on, until you have numbered every box.

Remember, you need to number every box for your vote to count.

To vote #1 For Zoe Daniel to be your representative for Goldstein, place a number 1 beside Zoe Daniel’s name on the ballot paper, and then number the remaining candidates as per your personal preference. See more on how to vote for Zoe here.

It’s your voice and your choice.


Zoe will not be directing preferences to any party. Her How To Vote card will ask that you Vote 1 Zoe Daniel and then number every box according to your preferences. Zoe also has a message on preferences for you.

Postal Voting

You are eligible to apply for a postal vote if you are unable to get to a polling place on election day. If you’re eligible you’ll need to apply for a postal vote by 6pm Wednesday 18 May on the AEC website.

Interstate Voting

If on Election day you are outside the state or territory where you are enrolled, you will need to vote at an interstate polling place. You can find voting centres all across Australia on the AEC website.

Overseas Voting

If you are overseas at the time of the Federal Election, you can vote at an overseas voting centre or by post. If this applies to you, you do need to take additional action to enrol and then access your vote.

To be eligible to enrol to vote from overseas, you must be:

  • an Australian citizen aged 18 years or older, and
  • intending to return to Australia within six years.

For most Australian eligible voters overseas, it is recommended that you apply for a postal vote.

The AEC has further information available about overseas enrolment and overseas voting.

Mobile Voting

AEC mobile voting teams visit many voters who are not able to get to a polling place. This could be at facilities, such as residential care and hospitals, or in remote communities within Australia. Mobile polling is carried out around Australia during the election period.

You’ll find more information about mobile voting on the AEC website.

Telephone Voting

If you are blind or have low vision, or an elector working in Antarctica (or on a ship that is in transit to or from the Antarctic), you can cast your vote through the AEC’s telephone voting service. The AEC have more information available.

Voters living with a disability may also be eligible to cast their vote by post, or can vote with assistance at a voting/polling centre.

Note: Legislation was passed in early 2022 to allow for COVID-affected voters to cast a telephone phone. Up until the Wednesday before election day, COVID-affected Australians can apply for a postal vote. Telephone voting for people with COVID-19 will be an emergency measure for the final three voting days only.

Enrol to Vote

The deadline for first time voters to enrol has passed. If you’re not sure if you’re enrolled to vote, you can check your enrolment with the AEC.