There is a growing dissatisfaction in the Australian community with the current state of our politics and party politicians.

As citizens, we know that trustworthiness and clear choices underpin a healthy democracy and this includes a productive life, flourishing families and communities, viable businesses and vibrant economies, however, it seems that Canberra has lost our trust and robbed us of honest, workable choices to create a sustainable future for all.

Many people in Goldstein do not feel our interests are being represented at all in Canberra.

Our voices are not being heard.

This is not just a feeling; the evidence shows Australia is going backwards when it comes to representative democracy with:

  • Public satisfaction with the way our democracy is working having crashed over the past decade – from 86% to 41%
  • Australia’s status as an open transparent democracy was downgraded from ”open” to ”narrowed” in 2019 by CIVICUS
  • For almost 20 years, Australia ranked in the top 10 least corrupt countries, however, by 2018, we’d fallen 8 points to 13

This raises serious questions about the ethical underpinnings and intentions of political parties, politicians and institutions in this country.

We’re tired of having our votes taken for granted.

This is why Voices of Goldstein (VOG) started its quest to find a Community Independent to run in the electorate of Goldstein.

The initial unifying force was the lack of climate action, especially at a Federal level, however this force has turned into more than that.

Voices of Goldstein has been conducting many Kitchen Table Conversations (KTC) across our community since January 2021 and the major concerns being raised include:

  1. The undue influence of political donors, lobbyists and industry bodies influencing and corrupting our political system leading party politicians to vote in favour of their vested interests rather than for their constituents;
  2. The dramatic rise in corruption with the current federal government throwing a veil of secrecy over deals and decisions that keeps us in the dark;
  3. Mainstream media being too concentrated, distracting and misleading us with biased reporting and propaganda; and
  4. The lack of workable policies and accountability for major issues such as the climate crisis, growing poverty and inequality, and misogyny and racism

The KTCs also showed an overwhelming support for an Independent Candidate for Goldstein especially because our current federal representative has a 100% track record of voting with his party and not for his Goldstein constituents. From here we have been inspired to follow the path set by the likes of Voices of Indi who elected Cathy McGowan and then Helen Haines as their Independent federal representatives and Voices of Warringah who ousted Tony Abbott and elected of Zali Steggell.

At last count there are 40+ Voices of communities around the country calling their elected representatives to account and demanding better representative democracy.

Let’s find our voice!

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