Team Zoe is growing.

Our community will not be ignored or taken for granted again.

Our community is determined to have our voices heard and make our votes count come election time.

Even before Zoe Daniel was announced as Goldstein’s Community Independent candidate, the support for positive change in our democracy, starting with the Voices of Goldstein and spreading across the broader Goldstein community and further afield, has been overwhelming.

More than 1,000 supporters and volunteers across Goldstein had already signed up before a candidate was announced. Once people found out on the 25th November 2021 that Zoe is the community backed Independent candidate for Goldstein, supporter numbers more than doubled in one day and just keep growing.

ZD Launch Day TeamZoe

Prominent Goldstein business and community leaders are stepping up to offer their support and endorsement.

Thought leaders and prominent figures on the national stage are also lending their voice to our quest including Ian Macphee, AO – first elected member for Goldstein and former Minister in the Fraser Liberal Government, Cathy McGowan, AO – former Independent MP for Indi, Simon Holmes à Court – clean tech investor & Chair of Climate 200, John Hewson AM – former Leader of the Liberal Party and Chair of BCSDA, Julia Banks – former Liberal Party turned Independent MP, and Barry Jones, AC – writer, teacher, lawyer, social activist, quiz champion and former politician.

As Zoe says, ‘It’s time to stop being an observer.’


Let’s find our voice!

The time is long overdue for the Goldstein community to be represented by an MP who truly reflects their aspirations. The Liberal Party will no longer do that, no on climate, integrity, respect for women, responsible economic policy, foreign policy or refugees. The answer is a moderate independent and Zoe Daniel is that person.

Ian Macphee AOfirst elected member for Goldstein and former Minister in the Fraser Liberal Government

Voting for an independent is a choice. It begins as a personal choice, then becomes a community choice and finishes as a national choice for a better future. Knowing that your vote counts and your voice will be truly heard brings great pride, optimism and hope to a community. I have known Zoe Daniel since the mid-90s and I am so pleased to recommend her as the community Independent for Goldstein. I know Zoe to be a woman of deep integrity, courage and empathy who will use her strong independent voice to deliver great outcomes for Goldstein and Australia.

Cathy McGowan, AOformer Independent MP for Indi

I admire Zoe Daniel for her courage in challenging the party machine, and for her vision and commitment to making Australia a business growth centre for climate action-focused industries. It’s time for some independent thinking.

Peter CourtGoldstein Business Leader

For my grandchildren and my super fund I’m going to make my voice heard and my vote count. I’m sending Zoe Daniel to Canberra for real climate change action and a prosperous green energy future.

Keith BadgerDirector & Investor
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