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What is Zoe’s story?

Zoe was born in Essendon while her father was playing for the Bombers, and then mostly grew up in Tasmania. Zoe has since lived all around Australia and the world working as a journalist and foreign correspondent in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the United States.

Zoe and her husband moved to Hampton in Goldstein at the end of 2013 where they now live with their two teenagers and Golden Retriever, Tully. Most recently Zoe has been running her own consultancy business, advising CEOs and leaders on strategic and authentic communication.

You can read more about Zoe here.

Why is Zoe running as an Independent for Goldstein?

Zoe has accepted the opportunity to run as the community backed Independent for Goldstein because of the urgent need for economically focused climate action, transparent and forward-thinking economic policy, integrity and honesty in politics and true equality and safety for women and girls.

“Because climate can’t wait, because equality can’t wait, because transparent economic management can’t wait, and because integrity is apparently now optional for our politicians.”

Zoe’s vote will always be independent and guided by consultation with the electors of Goldstein.

Why does Goldstein want a Community Independent Candidate?

Voices of Goldstein (VoG) was established in early 2021 by a group of concerned Goldstein citizens, inspired by the success of other community independent campaigns (Indi & Warringah) and in response to growing concerns regarding key issues including climate action, integrity in politics and equality not being addressed by the current federal government.

VoG is a community group, not a political party. Initially gauging the thoughts, concerns of the community via Kitchen Table Conversations (KTC), one on one conversations and community events, it became apparent by June 2021, via VoG supporters and community engagement activities, that there was very strong community interest and support to find a community independent candidate for Goldstein. This movement is gathering momentum because people want their voices heard and their votes to count.

In addition, Ian Macphee, AO, the first member for Goldstein and former Minister in the Fraser Liberal Government, has been supporting VoG’s quest and has since endorsed Zoe because he wants to see a quality community independent representative for Goldstein in Canberra. As he says, “The time is long overdue for the Goldstein community to be represented by an MP who truly reflects their aspirations. The Liberal Party will no longer do that, no on climate, integrity, respect for women, responsible economic policy, foreign policy or refugees. The answer is a moderate independent and Zoe Daniel is that person.’’

How was Zoe chosen for this role?

The Voices of Goldstein (VoG) community members were consulted widely about what qualities, attributes, values, and professional and life experiences they wanted in a community-backed independent representative. A candidate profile was developed which included 3 key priorities (see here) and was underpinned by the Goldstein Standard & Code of Conduct and the Candidate Pledge.

A VoG Candidate Selection Panel was formed, made up of men and women of different ages, experiences and voting histories from across the electorate. The panel was nominated by the Governance Committee to perform this particular task in confidence. A robust, confidential selection process was created and requests for nominations were sent out to our community. A number of people put their names forward. All candidates who self-nominated for the role were interviewed as part of this process. There were those who were nominated by others, and where requested, were interviewed as well.

The VoG Members voted unanimously for the VoG Selection Panel and Governance Committee to make the final selection decision, with the Members ratifying the nominated candidate at a special members’ meeting on 26th November 2021.

Who is Zoe’s campaign funded by?

The Voices of Goldstein group has crowdfunded donations from people from a range of political, cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds in the Goldstein community. These funds are being used to cover the costs of Zoe’s campaign, which include everything from advertising to financial management to legal advice.

The Climate 200 group which has more than 6000 donors is also a supporter of Zoe’s campaign.

All campaign donations follow Australian Electoral Commission guidelines.

If you would like to donate to Zoe’s campaign, please do so here.

How will Zoe allocate preferences?

The people of Goldstein are more than capable of making up their own minds on that.

Zoe simply asks that you Vote 1 Zoe Daniel on federal election day 2022!

“Want to speak up or have a chat?”

What if there’s a hung parliament?

Zoe will not be making deals with either of the major parties. Her position will be driven by the views and feedback from the people of Goldstein. In the case of a hung parliament, she will consider the issues at hand on their merits  and work with the major parties for the outcome that is best for Goldstein.

What are Zoe’s main policy priorities?

  • Urgent and well thought out climate action
  • A forward looking and innovative economy
  • A federal Integrity Commission
  • Equality and safety for women

Zoe is keen to hear from you on your policy priorities here and if you have expertise in any of these policy areas, please get in touch via email to become involved in the campaign.

What can independents do that will change things?

Independents including Zali Steggall, Helen Haines and Andrew Wilkie, among others, have shown that they can create change on intractable issues and bring renewed attention to critical matters that require national debate. Zali Steggall’s climate bill and Haines’ integrity bill are two examples.

Zoe will add her independent voice to the national conversation, while always guided by the views and sentiments of the people of Goldstein.

What is Zoe’s position on refugees and asylum seekers?

Having spent many years reporting from difficult environments in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America, Zoe is a strong advocate for refugee policy that is framed by basic human respect and dignity. Asylum seekers have become a tool for those who practice in the politics of fear. As Australians, we can be better than this.

Why run against a moderate Liberal?

Moderate Liberals say one thing to their electorate to get elected but when it comes to voting they stand with the National Party. Look at what they do, not what they say. On climate they vote just like Barnaby Joyce. Goldstein needs a voice in the room on climate, economy, integrity and equality, and a vote that reflects the views of the electorate, not that of Barnaby Joyce.

Who’s endorsing Zoe?

Even before Zoe was announced as Goldstein’s Community Independent candidate, the support for positive change in our democracy, starting with the Voices of Goldstein and spreading across the broader Goldstein community and further afield, has been overwhelming. More than 1,000 supporters and volunteers had already signed up before Zoe was announced.

Prominent Goldstein business and community leaders are stepping up to offer their support. Thought leaders and prominent figures on the national stage are also lending their voices to our movement, including Ian Macphee AO, Cathy McGowan AO, Simon Holmes à Court, John Hewson and Barry Jones to name a few. Read more here.

What is the Goldstein Standard?

The Goldstein Standard was developed by the Voices of Goldstein and describes the way Voices of Goldstein and Campaign members, volunteers and supporters engage with the public and do politics. It expresses the values we hold dear, the way we relate to our fellow citizens and the principles that guide how we arrive at decisions and courses of action. This Standard applies equally to our elected representative. Zoe Daniel has signed up to the Goldstein Standard, as Voices of Goldstein’s community-backed independent candidate for Goldstein. You can read about the Goldstein Standard values and behaviours here.

Community engagement

Zoe is looking forward to meeting you, and hearing your voices at forthcoming community forums, around kitchen tables and via our regular democracy walks in Goldstein’s neighbourhoods.

Let’s find our voice!

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