‘If not us, who? If not now, when?’

It’s time to stop being an observer. My name is Zoe Daniel, and I am your community-backed independent candidate for Goldstein in the forthcoming federal election in 2022.

I am a mum, wife, journalist, and foreign correspondent. I live in Hampton with my husband, 2 teenagers and our golden retriever, Tully.

In nearly 30 years of reporting, I’ve covered natural disasters, conflict, economics and politics, and all manner of news around the world. I’ve seen first-hand the impact of climate change in the Arctic, and I’ve covered floods, typhoons, and bushfires across four continents, including Australia.

I’ve been a rural and regional journalist, a business and finance reporter, and a foreign affairs specialist, interviewing and interacting with prime ministers, treasurers and some of Australia’s top CEOs and small businesspeople.

I have waited, like many, for our governments to develop costed and structured strategies to safeguard our community and economy, to innovate and to embrace the immense business and job opportunities that a renewable climate economy presents. In short, to lead.

That hasn’t happened. Accountability has evaporated:

  • On delivering workable climate policy to transform our economy and safeguard our future
  • On transparent use of taxpayers’ dollars
  • On ensuring the integrity of our politicians and stamping out corruption
  • On gender equality

Having spent four years in the United States reporting Donald Trump, I know  where that leads.

I believe I represent the sensible centre, like much of Goldstein, people who deserve to have their voices heard.

I never set out to be a politician, but I now believe that electing an independent is the only way to achieve:

  1. Urgent climate action
  2. A vibrant economy for the future
  3. A federal integrity commission with teeth
  4. Equality and safety for women

We can wait no longer.

As a journalist, for decades I have been an observer. Now, I’ve found my voice.

I invite you to join this movement and allow me to represent you in Federal Parliament.

I will step up and give you a voice. Your Voice is Your Vote, and we should no longer be taken for granted.

The next parliament is critical to the future of our children, our environment, our economy, and our planet now and for generations to come.

As my 14-year-old son powerfully puts it; “you have a chance to do something for us all Mum”.

Let’s make our kids proud of us.

If not us, then who? If not now, when?


I look forward to talking with you at one of our forthcoming community events.

Read Zoe’s Campaign Launch Speech here.

Let’s find our voice!

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