Hello, I’m Zoe Daniel MP, the Independent Federal Member for Goldstein.

On election day in May 2022, Goldstein made history.

We asserted our independence as a community, and as a result, I am now your independent voice in the federal parliament.

The Goldstein community created a movement to get me into the House, to help bring about urgent climate action and a just and rapid renewable energy revolution, renew trust in leadership and ensure the safety and empowerment of women and girls.

As a former foreign correspondent, I have lived and worked all over the world, reporting on politics, economics, business, including the White House and Wall St, conflict and climate related disasters.

Now, I bring those experiences to the parliament where I will do my absolute best to directly represent you and our community with honesty, empathy and courage.

Thank you for your trust. Let’s go Goldstein! It’s time to act.




A National Integrity Commission with teeth to fight creeping corruption to ensure all politicians use taxpayer’s money for the benefit of our community, rather than themselves.

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Fast, firm and enforceable action on climate change by 2030 that stimulates Australia’s opportunities in the new global Climate Economy will ensure business prosperity and our children’s future.

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Getting gender equality done in the next term of government can be done. The economy and our prosperity will benefit from a fully engaged population, and with a future free of discrimination, harassment and victimisation, women’s full potential will finally be confirmed.

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Climate Action with Zoe Daniel

We need a clear path to net zero that conforms to the latest science, protects our natural environment and embraces the immense business and job opportunities that a renewable climate economy presents.

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Zoe in front of the white house

Let’s create accountability in parliament again, provide transparency into donations and support Freedom of Information (FOI) and better media standards in Australia.

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Equality for everyone

Equality for women and girls deserves more than lip service. Organisations need to take responsibility for sexual harassment in the workplace.

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It’s time for forward focused economic policy that harnesses available technology, and Australia’s natural, human and financial assets to foster our future prosperity.

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